Physician and author Yu Guo-Jun in Seattle this March

SIEAM is thrilled to announce Dr. Yu Guo-Jun, a famous physician from Chengdu, will be speaking in Seattle on March 2-3. We are fortunate that his stop on the West coast will be in Seattle. Dr. Yu truly is a unique physician with a high level of scholarship, clinical experience, and humility. And last year his book, “A Walk Along the River” was translated and published in English.

Dr. Yu will be lecturing on two topics:

Ministerial Fire 
Learning from Clinical Errors

In the lecture on the ministerial fire, Dr. Yu will elucidate this poorly understood topic 
and help students to understand its clinical importance. He will discuss specific formulas that can be employed to address issues relating to disorders of the ministerial fire. 

During the second day of the course, Dr. Yu will share cases from his vast experience and
discuss ways for us to learn from errors in clinic.

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