Zang Fu Tui Na with Tom Bisio 

We are thrilled to announce that Tom Bisio will be coming to teach a four-part class on Zang Fu Tui Na. For full description, read below. This class will be Tom’s only class on the West Coast in 2020-21.

The course price is $2350 for four weekends. There are no discounts. The dates for the classes are: Class 1 (Sat- Sun): September 26-27, 2020; Class 2 (Fri 4 hours-Sat, Sun): November 13-15, 2020; Class 3 (Fri 4 hours-Sat, Sun): January 15-17, 2021; Class 4 (Sat- Sun) March 20-21, 2021.

Course Description
Zang Fu Tui Na teaches methods of regulating the function of the internal organs (Zang Fu) through direct and indirect energetic visceral mobilization techniques. This important and rarely taught aspect of Tui Na can be more effective than acupuncture and Chinese herbs in regulating the Qi dynamic, calming the Shen (spirit), and harmonizing the functions of the internal organs. Zang Fu Tui Na is both diagnostic and therapeutic, offering a direct, hands-on method of diagnosing organ imbalances, while simultaneously eliciting effective immediate, and profound changes in the body.

In the Zang Fu Tui Na series, students are simultaneously exposed to four interconnected Zang Fu perspectives: Nei Gong practices, Western anatomy and function, Zang Fu theory (Chinese medicine), and a Jing-Luo acupuncture point perspective.

Zang Fu Tui Na is offered as a package of 4 weekend seminars. Upon completion students receive a Zang Fu Tui Na Practitioner Certificate.

The Zang Fu Tui Na series of 4 seminars is NCCAOM & NCBTMB approved for 56 CEUs. Also approved for NY State LMT’s.

REFUND POLICY: Because of the small number of available spots for this course, we are providing only limited refunds for this course. NO refunds will be provided after May 31, 2020. Between January 1, 2020 and May 31, 2020, a 50% refund will be returned for withdrawal. Prior to January 1, 2020, 100% of course tuition will be funded. Course registration and tuition is not transferable to another participant.

Four-part class on Zang Fu Tui Na with Tom Bisio
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