The First Year 
(All Programs - M.Ac., M.Ac.O.M./D.A.H.M. programs)


The first year of instruction focuses on students gaining insight and knowledge from experienced faculty in clinic and academic instruction, and the introduction of students to the fundamentals of both classical and contemporary traditions of East Asian medicine. Students have the unique opportunity of preceptoring from the beginning of the school year with experienced SIEAM clinical faculty who represent diverse backgrounds in diagnostic and treatment approaches to patient care. There is in-depth instruction in qi gong and physical palpation and assessment techniques, as well as methods of performing acupuncture and related modalities. Grounding in surface anatomy and western clinical science is also provided in order to more effectively inform the practice of bodywork and acupuncture in clinic. Students study the basics of Chinese herbal medicine and Chinese medical language throughout this year and observe in clinical practice how the range of modalities are used by SIEAM’s experienced practitioners