Message from Our President


SIEAM began training students over twenty years ago with the belief that hands-on clinical experience from the beginning of the training was the key to success. Further, we view it as essential that faculty have a minimum of ten years of clinical practice. This framework is still how we train our students to become effective practitioners. We also believe that access to Chinese language resources is a key component to a deep understanding of the medicine. And, we embrace the idea that patients come first, so that students learn and practice many different forms of East-Asian medicine in order to best serve the needs of their patients. A student’s direct engagement with seasoned practitioners, in order to gain knowledge, both intellectual and physical, forms the structure of our program. Through this program, students develop an awareness and a sensitivity to Qi, in themselves, in their patients, and in the world around them. The evidence that out program works is the high rate of our graduates who are still in active clinical practice.

If you share our passion for helping patients, please visit, attend one of our Information Sessions, sit in on our classes, meet the current students, and get a treatment in the teaching clinic. We are proud of what we have created and we hope that you will consider making SIEAM a part of your future.

Craig Mitchell, EAMP, PhD (China)