Third year
(M.Ac. Program and M.Ac.O.M./D.A.H.M. programs)


The third year in both programs engages the learner with the various clinical conditions and diseases commonly seen in contemporary clinics from both an eastern and western perspective. The clinical internships include offsite training assisting patients in community clinics, drug treatment centers, and other specialized patient populations. At this point interns largely practice "solo", being responsible for all aspects of patient care with oversight by SIEAM clinical supervisors. Students broaden their understanding of the American health care system, its history, and the legal and business necessities of practicing in the field today.

Students in the track towards the M.Ac.O.M. and D.A.H.M. do additional work in integrated clinics combining acupuncture and herbal medicine. They take courses in Chinese herbal medicine focusing on specific conditions treated with Chinese herbs and read classical and contemporary Chinese texts that assist in understanding these conditions and the use of herbal therapy.

At the end of three years of successful study and clinical practice the student is awarded the appropriate master’s degree for their discipline